John Deere 333g Problems – Best Solutions And Some Ways To Make It Last Longer

John Deere 333g Problems – Best Solutions And Some Ways To Make It Last Longer

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Are you seeking John Deere 333g compact track loader common solutions to problems, particularly for your farms? You’ve come to the correct spot because we’ll tell you all you need to know about this incredible machinery.

However, the 333G compact track loader (CTL) can be outfitted with various grade control solutions ranging from 2D Laser Slope Control to the industry’s first fully integrated 3D grade control solution available on a compact track loader. 

On the other hand, These solutions provide a more efficient way of cutting and spreading material to get to grade the first time and avoid rework, even in tight areas.

This truck is highly successful on farms just like rototillers in terms of clearing and other things in general, but with the current complaints about this equipment, I decided to create this post to help you if possible, so let’s get started!

Brief History Of John Deere Company

John Deere is a brand name of Deere & Company. This American Company makes agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, forestry equipment, diesel engines, drivetrains (axles, transmissions, and gearboxes) used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment.

In 2019, it was placed 87th in the Fortune 500 Americas and 329th in the worldwide rankings. In addition, the organization offers financial services and other associated services.

Deere & Company trades under the New York Stock Exchange symbol DE.

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The Company’s slogan is “Nothing Runs Like a Deere”, and its logo is a leaping deer, with the words ‘JOHN DEERE’ under it. 

For over 155 years, the firm has utilized many logos featuring a leaping deer. The headquarters of Deere & Company is in Moline, Illinois.

Deere & Company was rated 84th on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the largest firms in the United States.

Their various tractor series include:

  • The D series.
  • The E series.
  • The Specialty Tractors.
  • The Super Heavy Duty Tractors.
  • The JDLink.

How Reliable Is The John Deere 333g

The John Deere 333g is a very reliable machine with a 6-way dozer blade attachment that is tough enough to cut rough grade but smooth enough to do fine precision grading and is included in both SmartGradeTM and Slope Control options.

With the push of a button on the SSM, DozerMode can be turned on to make the machine’s controls work like those on a crawler dozer. The EZ Grade software stabilizes the blade for smoother grading while operating manually.

The John Deere 333g is equipped with increased auxiliary hydraulic flows and power compared to earlier models, allowing for improved performance. In contrast, operating attachments and optional high-flow hydraulics allow operators to install snow blowers, rotary cutters, and brooms.

Furthermore, it comes with Internally mounted auxiliary couplers, and CORDURA® fabric sleeves mean that couplers and hoses are better protected from harm.

The optional electrically actuated Quik-TatchTM allows certain attachment connections to occur within the cab, avoiding the need to exit and re-enter the cab to join attachments manually.

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Furthermore, it incorporates a Creep control (available as part of the Joystick Performance Package) that enables operators to do precise operations that demand full hydraulic flow and power while operating at lower travel speeds.

Indeed, the large and sealed cab allows operators to stay fresh throughout the workday by minimizing noise levels and keeping water and dust out.

Switchable controls enable an operator to select their preferred pattern (ISO, H-pattern, foot controls, or ISO plus foot controls), allowing them to get to work faster and easier. When compared to the competition, CTLs have expanded characteristics that result in higher productivity in applications such as V-pattern truck loading, bale handling, and grading.

Common Problems And Solutions Of The John Deere 333g

The most prevalent John Deere 333g problems is jerkiness, which is caused by calibration.

The calibration is all about paying attention to detail. During the calibration procedure, the technician must focus and respond quickly.

The “human” aspect engaged in the calibration process may significantly impact how the machine works. To get it correct, You should calibrate a machine twice.

If everything is done correctly, the machine will run quite smoothly. Calibration is also part of routine maintenance to maintain those devices working as intended, which is frequently overlooked.

Another thing that operators don’t realize is that the switch module has three modes (for hydraulics or hydrostats). 

  • Production mode (fastest reaction to lever movement)
  • Utility mode (slightly slower response time than production)
  •  Precision mode 

Another concern is the delay while switching from forward to reverse and a problem in the EH system mainly causes it.

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If you didn’t get answers to your question or you need more help you can contact a technician or message the john deere website for further assistance!

Pros And Cons Of The John Deere 333g

In this area, we will cover the main pros and cons of the John Deere 333g, so let’s get started!

It has 6-way dozer blade attachment that is tough enough to cut rough grade but smooth enough to do fine precision gradingCalibration Issues
It incorporates a creep control that enables operators to do precise operations Unnecessary delay while switching from forward to reverse
With the electro-hydraulic (EH) boom performance package, it helps get the most work done.


The John Deere 333g is a dependable piece of large agricultural gear, but it does have a tendency for a few common problems.

Performing calibration as described in this article, changing the oil and filters at regular intervals, avoiding excessive idling, are all tactics that may enhance its life.

We hope this post could shed some light on some of the most common issues associated with the John Deere 333g.

Although there is not a straightforward solution to this problem, there are actions that may be performed to extend its lifespan. Please contact your technician if you are not sure about the problem!

Thanks for reading!

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