How Much are Kubota Zero Turn Mowers? Verified Price!

How Much are Kubota Zero Turn Mowers? Verified Price!

Kubota zero turn mowers are renowned for their quality and efficiency, and one of the first questions many people have when shopping for one is “How much do Kubota zero turn mowers cost?” Read on as we’re about to explore the price tags of Kubota Zero Turn Mowers. 

How Much are Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers (USA):

  • Starting Price: $16,522
  • Engine Horsepower: 19.0-26.0 HP
  • Deck Size: 36-61″
  • Mower Deck Type: Side discharge
  • Acreage per Hour: 2.5-4.5 acres
  • Fuel Type: Gas

These mowers are built to tackle any terrain while keeping you comfortable

Kubota ZD Series Zero-Turn Mowers (Canada)

  • Starting Price: $20,805
  • Engine Horsepower: 19.3-21.6 HP

These mowers are engineered for quality, from top to bottom, front to back, and inside and out.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner, Kubota’s Zero-Turn Mowers provide efficient mowing performance. 

Kubota Z100 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

  • Starting Price: $4,999
  • Engine Horsepower: 21.5-24.8 HP
  • Deck Size: 42-54″
  • Mower Deck Type: Fabricated

These mowers are designed for residential use and offer excellent maneuverability and cutting performance.

Kubota Z200 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

  • Starting Price: $6,499
  • Engine Horsepower: 21.5-24.8 HP
  • Deck Size: 48-54″
  • Mower Deck Type: Fabricated

These mowers provide comfort, durability, and precise cutting for homeowners and landscapers.

Kubota Z400 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

  • Starting Price: $7,199
  • Engine Horsepower: 22.0-24.8 HP
  • Deck Size: 48-54″
  • Mower Deck Type: Fabricated

These mowers are built for efficiency and performance, making them ideal for larger residential properties.

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How Much Does a New Kubota Zero Turn Mower Cost in USA and Canada

Here are some starting price points for Kubota zero-turn mowers in USA and Canada;

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers (USA)

  • Starting prices range from $6,637 for residential models.
  • Engine horsepower varies from 21.5 to 25.0 HP.
  • Deck sizes typically range from 42 to 54 inches.

These mowers are equipped with side discharge decks and are suitable for 1-5+ acres of mowing.

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers (Canada)

  • The starting price for Kubota zero-turn mowers in Canada is $6,6371.
  • These mowers provide efficient performance for residential use.

In addition, the Kubota Z200 Series Zero-Turn Mowers for example offers a starting price of $7,7292.

What Are the Differences Between Zero-Turn Mowers and Lawn Tractors

Zero-Turn Mowers and Lawn Tractors are different in many important ways, which makes them suitable for different types of yards and mowing needs. We’ll look at these differences across various aspects to clearly explain what each type of mower does best.

Lawn Size & Purpose

  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Ideal if you have a large lawn, more than half an acre. They’re designed to save time and are more efficient for mowing big areas quickly.
  • Lawn Tractors: Best for smaller lawns, under half an acre. They’re a step up from push mowers and handle moderate-sized areas well.

Maneuverability & Navigation

  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Shine in lawns with lots of obstacles (like trees, flower beds, and curved edges) because they can turn on a dime and navigate tight spots easily.
  • Lawn Tractors: Have a wider turning radius, making them less nimble. They’re faster than push mowers but can’t match the agility of zero-turn mowers in complex landscapes.

Controls & Operation

  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Use levers for precise control, which might take some practice to get used to. The learning curve pays off with more efficient mowing.
  • Lawn Tractors: Steer more like cars, with a steering wheel that controls the front wheels. They’re easier to learn to drive but offer less maneuverability than zero-turn mowers.

Terrain Handling

  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Equipped to handle uneven terrain and slopes well, thanks to their robust design and rear-wheel drive, providing good traction.
  • Lawn Tractors: Can manage slopes but are generally front-wheel drive, which can sometimes be less effective on steep inclines.

Visibility & Safety

  • Zero-Turn Mowers: Offer better visibility around the mower, making it easier to avoid obstacles and ensure a precise cut.
  • Lawn Tractors: May have some visibility limitations, especially with front-end obstacles, due to their design and seating position.
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How to Maintain Kubota Zero Turn Mower

Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Below, the maintenance steps are organized into a coherent structure, reflecting a scholarly approach to machine maintenance.

1. Regular Cleaning

Post-operational cleaning is essential to prevent grass and debris buildup, which can impair the mower’s functionality and cause undue wear on its components. The cleaning process should include the mower deck, belts, pulleys, and other accessible parts. Additionally, the air filter must be inspected and either cleaned or replaced as necessary to ensure efficient engine operation.

2. Oil Management

The engine oil plays a crucial role in the smooth operation and longevity of the mower’s engine. It is recommended to change the oil at intervals specified by the manufacturer, typically every 50 hours of operation. This process involves draining the old oil, replacing the oil filter, and refilling with fresh oil, which ensures the engine is protected and operating efficiently.

3. Blade Maintenance

Blade care is critical for effective mowing. Sharpening the blades at the onset of the mowing season and periodically thereafter ensures clean cuts. Worn or damaged blades should be replaced to maintain cutting efficiency and protect the engine from undue stress.

4. Fuel System Care

Using fresh fuel and avoiding ethanol blends can significantly impact the mower’s performance and fuel system longevity. The fuel filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced as needed to ensure unimpeded fuel flow to the engine.

5. Tire Inspection and Maintenance

Regularly checking tire pressure is essential for maintaining proper traction and maneuverability. Tires should be inflated according to the specifications provided in the mower’s manual.

6. Belt and Pulley System

The mower’s belts and pulleys are vital for the transmission of power within the system. Regular inspections for wear, cracks, or damage are necessary, with replacements made as needed to ensure uninterrupted operation.

7. Lubrication

Proper lubrication of the mower’s fittings, spindle bearings, pivots, and other moving parts is essential for reducing friction and wear, thereby extending the life of these components.

8. Battery Maintenance

Battery terminals should be inspected for corrosion and cleaned as necessary. Ensuring the battery is adequately charged is crucial for reliable starts.

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9. Deck Leveling

A level mower deck is critical for an even cut across the lawn. Adjustments should be made as necessary to maintain this level, adhering to the guidelines provided in the mower’s manual.

10. Storage Preparation

Proper off-season storage involves running the mower dry of fuel or using a fuel stabilizer, and storing the mower in a dry, covered area to prevent rust and damage.

What Is the Warranty on Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers?

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers come with varying warranty coverage based on the specific model and region. Let’s explore the warranty details:

  • USA Warranty: The standard warranty for Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers in the USA varies by series or model. For example, the Z200 Series mowers are covered by a comprehensive manufacturer warranty of four years or 300 hours on both the mower and the engine. To review the length of standard warranty coverage for other models, you can refer to the Kubota Limited Warranty Guide.
  • Canada Warranty: In Canada, the Z200-2 Series Zero-Turn Mowers come with a 3-year warranty. This warranty ensures peace of mind as you navigate your lawn with precision. If you want to know the warranty of your zero turn mowers, consult your local Kubota dealer for specific warranty information based on your location.

How Good are Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Kubota Zero-Turn Mowers have garnered a reputation for their quality, durability, and performance. Here’s why they are considered good:

  • Terrific Frame Quality: Kubota zero-turn mowers are built to last. Their rugged frames withstand tough conditions, allowing you to mow through long grass and obstacles without worry. Whether it’s rugged blades or hidden obstacles, Kubota z-turns handle it effortlessly.
  • Impressive Deck Type, Sizes, and Cut Quality: Equipped with 10-gauge fabricated or welded steel decks, Kubota mowers ensure efficient airflow and cutting. The PRO deck design enhances cut quality, leaving no stragglers or turf tears.
  • Deck sizes vary based on the model: from 42-54 inches for low-grade residential models to 54-72 inches for commercial-grade models.
  • Efficient Power Supply: Kubota engines offer reliability and fuel efficiency, making them suitable for both residential and commercial use.
  • Longevity and Toughness: Kubota zero-turn mowers are known for their longevity. Proper maintenance ensures they last a lifetime.
  • Comfort and Support: Kubota mowers provide comfortable operator seats, making long hours of mowing less taxing.


When it comes to manicuring your lawn, precision matters. The crisp lines, the perfectly trimmed edges—it’s an art form that transforms your outdoor space into a canvas of green beauty.

Kubota, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, brings forth a fleet of zero-turn mowers that dance effortlessly across your grass, leaving behind a trail of envy-inducing perfection. 

Kubota zero turn mowers are an investment that can pay off in the long run. While the initial cost may be higher than some other mowers on the market, the durability and performance of Kubota mowers make them a worthwhile purchase. 

With proper care and maintenance, a Kubota zero turn mower can last for years, providing homeowners and professionals with a quality mower that gets the job done right. 

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