Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? An Expert Explains!(Benefits & Possible Risks)  

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? An Expert Explains!(Benefits & Possible Risks)  

Rabbits love vegetables. It’s an essential part of their daily diet. And many vegetables are their favorite. So, what about cabbage? 

Can rabbits eat cabbage? If yes, how much? And what possible risks are there? We will be answering all of these questions.

And along with that, I will also share some additional information on taking care of rabbits. Please stick with us to find out!

What Is Cabbage?

Cabbage is a green-leaved vegetable that belongs to the “Brassicaceae” family. A family includes many species of similar green vegetables such as broccoli, mustard plant, kale, turnip, rutabaga, cabbage, etc. 

Our website has already covered the topic of rabbits eating cooked broccoli, celery, arugula and red cabbage. Today we will be discussing whether or not rabbits can eat cabbage.

General Benefits Of Cabbage

Cabbage contains 1.3 Gram of protein and 2.3 Gram of fiber per 100 G. For humans, cabbage is a beneficial vegetable since it helps in weight loss, benefits the eyes, aids digestion, protects the skin, etc. You can get more benefits of cabbage here!

Can Rabbits Enjoy It?

The short answer is yes, they can eat it, which benefits their health. As mentioned, it has a lot of protein, fiber, and other valuable elements.

They like the crunchy sound that it makes to them. But there are some things to consider that may affect their health negatively.

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How Much Is Healthy?

It’s perfect for them if taken below a specific limit. So how much is healthy? 

Well, it depends on their weight. Rabbits do need vegetables in their everyday diet. 

As for cabbage, giving them a few leaves 3-4 times a week is okay if they are old. But if they are still young, giving them one leaf is enough.

If they show any signs of sickness after eating cabbage, then either you’ve fed them too much, or there is some prior problem with their health, and you need to contact a vet.

What Benefits Does It Have For Rabbits?

As mentioned above, cabbage has many benefits in and of itself. But how beneficial can it be for a rabbit’s body?

Rabbits need a certain amount of calcium in their body, and cabbage is a good source.

It helps in their digestion, thus keeping their digestive system healthy. 

The minerals that it contains are highly beneficial for rabbits. If fed correctly, these are the benefits of cabbage on a rabbit. You can get more benefits of cabbage here!

What Are The Possible Risks?

Cabbage cannot be given to rabbits every day since it has a good amount of calcium which is necessary, as mentioned but can lead to health problems if ingested “every day.” And can cause kidney problems. 

The most infamous problem it causes in rabbits is the Gas problem. 

And rabbits are tender animals; such problems may easily lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Few Points To Consider 

As we said, rabbits are tender animals. Even after growing up, their bones are still very delicate compared to many other animals. 

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So it’s preferable not to hold them so tight or let your children be too free with them since it may be unsafe.

Loud and sudden sounds can easily cause strokes and can be very serious.

Another thing to look out for is not separating them from their mothers when they are young. 

And it’s also better not to keep them alone even when they are old. Rabbits need companionship regardless of their age. It can mentally disturb them if they don’t have any companionship of their own kind.

Some Other Rabbit-Friendly (With Brief Explanation) 

The topic of broccoli has been covered on our website, so please check it out. 

And we covered the topic of cabbage in this article.

We will cover more related detailed topics in the future, but for now, here are some other vegetables that can be given to rabbits in small quantities. (Brief)

  • Raspberry Leaves: Raspberry Leaves are a safe, ideal food for a rabbit. It is also suitable for metabolism support.
  • Carrot Top: Carrot top is another healthy food for rabbits.
  • Cilantro: Cilantro is rich in nutrition and can be given in a bit of quantity every day. 


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