6 Best Egg Producing Quail Breeds

6 Best Egg Producing Quail Breeds

Quails are one of many egg-producing birds and poultry we know; a quail is small and reared for its egg-producing capabilities primarily because it has a less competitive meat quality. 

The shells of their eggs are highly coveted owing to the nutritional content as well as the decorative quality they possess. Eggs from quails have a high market value, although they are easy to care for and need little food preparation and attention.

Furthermore, a quail can lay an egg every day, which is the same as the common hen though requiring less feed and care. This article will delve into the basics of quail eggs and narrow it down to the 6 best egg-producing quail breeds.

As a quail breeder, sorting and choosing the best breeds for your production or supply line can be a hassle. Listed below are the six best species for egg production.

1. Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite Quail

These species are dual-purpose quail species. They are especially recommended for egg-laying but are also a great game- birds. The only problem with the bobwhite quails is that they can prove difficult to raise if they are raised for meat. The bobwhite quail is projected to lay all year round under good feeding and environmental conditions.

2. Coturnix Quail

Coturnix Quail

These species are easy to raise and fully grown at six to seven weeks old. They also start laying eggs around the same time frame. The Coturnix quail are also widely known to be dual-purpose birds. 

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The hens of this species begin laying eggs earlier than most other quail, and the species don’t need much space and are quiet and calm. This makes them stay in high demand, and they can also lay 300 eggs a year, which makes the common hen” s 100 a year seem pale.

3. Pharaoh Quail

Pharaoh Quail

These species have a tripartite use, can be used ornamentally due to their luxurious plumage, and are good game birds. Also, they’re bred for their egg-laying functionality. 

It would also do them good because they are as prolific in egg laying as the Coturnix. Falling shy by a hundred to lay 200 eggs a year puts them in competition with none other than the Coturnix quail. They are the joy of any quail breeder due to their profit diversity. 

4. Eastern Common Quail

Eastern Common Quail

These quail are mostly the face of posters about quails and the subject of praise among quail breeders because of their calmly colored plumage and cute look. In egg-laying, they lay between 100-200 eggs in a year, putting them on the table as prolific egg layers.

5. King Quail 

King Quail 

These species get the name because of their extravagantly luxurious plumage and the fact that they’re like miniature versions of peacocks. They lay about 100-200 eggs a year on the egg laying scale. In retrospect, they also have two uses, ornamental and egg laying. 

6. Gambel’s Quail 

Gambel’s Quail

This is one of the smallest and most popular egg-laying species amongst quail breeders,  but do not be deceived by their size. 

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Their egg laying quota sits at a high 200 per year, and it’s also worth mentioning that their eggs are primarily used in preparing sushi quail eggs—a well sought-after delicacy among the high and mighty of the exquisite and exclusive cuisine society.


Quail egg production is a profitable and low-risk business line, especially if the eggs are organic quail eggs. It is popular because they require less care, yet some produce more eggs than the standard hens and the turkey, among other poultry. 

They are low maintenance, and their eggs contain healthy amounts of choline, riboflavin, iron, and vitamin B12. It is best said at this point, “A quail egg a day keeps the doctor away.”

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