Can Cats Eat Beans? What Are The Health Risks

Can Cats Eat Beans? What Are The Health Risks

So, you’ve decided to add some beans to your cat’s diet, huh? But what are the health risks? Please stick with us to know.

Cats are an animal that doesn’t usually like veggies, but some cats do. And while it’s arguable whether or not beans can be categorized in the vegetable family. The brief answer would be that beans belong to the ‘Legumes’ family. Legumes are a vegetable class that includes beans, peas, and lentils. 

So the question is: is it even healthy for your cat? If not, then what possible health risks are there? If all these are questions, then keep reading to learn more!

Calories Per 100 Gram

  • Green beans: 31 Calories
  • Green beans, boiled: 35 Calories
  • Green beans microwaved: 39 Calories

How Safe Is Bean For Cats?

There is a significant amount of protein that may be found in beans. These proteins are essential for the survival of humans. Vitamins and minerals may be found in bean products. In addition to this, they contain a lot of fiber, which is beneficial for the digestive system.

Beans are known to be beneficial to cats’ digestive systems, even though cats do not strictly need the proteins that beans provide.

Does this information suggest that cats are free to consume beans?

No, not every single one of them. Some beans contain compounds that may be very harmful to cats. It will be discussed in more detail later.

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Which Beans Are A Bad Choice? (And Why)

Although some beans can be beneficial for cats if given once in a while. Beans like cocoa, coffee beans, robusta, etc., can be harmful to them since they all contain caffeine.

Whether cooked or raw, you cannot let your cat consume these. 

If your cat happens to gulp down one of these, look for these symptoms in them: Increased rate of heartbeat, unease, and excessive vocalization can also be a sign that you need to contact your vet quickly.

What Are The Safe Options?

While we went through some beans that are dangerous for cats, here are others that are perfectly OK for them to eat: Cooked or steamed green beans, as well as other types of beans such as black beans and kidney beans.

Every one of these beans has to be either boiled or steamed before consumption. Another potential hazard for your cat is the consumption of beans that have been roasted, baked, or seasoned in any way because seasoned beans often include garlic, onions, and other foods that are detrimental to their health. One of these processes involves the death of red blood cells.

Raw beans, whether from the ones mentioned here or above, are neither safe.

That said, make sure not to give plenty of it or give regularly. Giving it once in a while is OK.

Few Points To Consider

While we speak about the benefits and harms of beans or how much nutrition they contain, it’s important to remember that cats are obligate carnivores.

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So they need meat in their diet to keep their coat clean and healthy and maintain their weight.

ASPCA says, “They can’t digest plant material well, and they require essential nutrients that only meat can provide to them,” 

So make sure to add a good amount of meat to their diet. 


Finally, you can feed your cat whatever bean you like (the ones mentioned above as safe), as long as they are small in quantity and given occasionally.

But there are so many things that your cat may like to eat, so are they safe for them?

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