Does Coconut Oil Help Dog Hair Grow Back? An Expert Explains!

Does Coconut Oil Help Dog Hair Grow Back? An Expert Explains!

Dogs are one of the most loving pets. We all know that dogs have been domesticated for decades now. I know you want to make life exciting and worthwhile for them. 

We are going to discuss some benefits of coconut oil and how it can help your dog’s hair grow back and also other remedies for hair growth for your dogs.

Coconut oil has become quite popular in this century. It has a lot of attractive/Impressive health advantages which cannot be overemphasized.  A lot of people also give coconut oil to their dogs or apply it to their dog’s fur. 

When applied to the dogs for makes it shinier and less prone to damage because of the ‘Lauric acid’ in coconut oil which has a unique chemical makeup that allows it to easily penetrate the hair.

Coconut oil may help dog hair grow back depending on the cause, it may help manage alopecia(loss of hair). Coconut oil helps kill fleas and prevents them from further getting infected, helps reduce indigestions, thyroid issues, and bad allergies, and can also make oversight dogs lose weight. It also makes for an effective moisturizer for your furry friend. 

Some Other Oils That Have The Best Values For Dogs’ Hair Improvement

We all know that olive oil is good for us when we eat in our diet, but I’m sure you didn’t know it can also help soften your dog’s skin especially when they are shedding their fur.

Olive oil

This has strong antioxidant properties and has been used in many hair care and skin care products. It is suggested that you massage a good amount of oil to your dog’s skin more than twice every day. It contains phytonutrients, vitamins, and healthy acids that help keep a dog’s skin moisturized and well nourished. It takes about thirty days to make a difference.

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Tip: Please ensure you use extra virgin olive oil.

Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice may have a more significant result in helping its hair grow back. The cortical acid found in lemon juice has amazing antibacterial properties that can be used to dog hair loss problems. 

They can fight bacterial infection in your dog’s fur and getting rid of the bacteria helps its hair grow back faster. All you do is simply add the juice to warm water or cut a slice of lemon,  leave it in warm water for a couple of hours and bathe your dog with it. 

You may start to notice the changes in hair growth within a week or two depending on your dog’s breed. You can also add a small amount of lemon juice to a wet sponge and wipe it all over your dog.

Vitamin deficiency also causes dogs’ hair loss.  It is always advised that you always feed your dogs foods rich in vitamins and a balanced diet. Create a feeding program for your furry companion that includes food rich in omega fats. 

You can ask your veterinarians if you can add supplements such as omega-3 or omega-6 to your pet’s diet. It is good to also brush your dogs every day. You can also wash it’s the body in an oatmeal shampoo at least twice a week.


Coconut Oil may help dog hair grow back. While further research is needed, Coconut Oil could be a possible treatment for dog hair loss.

In otherwords, coconut oil does have some benefits for dog hair growth. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, coconut oil may be a good option for some dogs. Thanks for reading

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